Project brief: Goodlife Health Club

This project started with this 7-step process in the week 5 activites. We had to answer 7 main questions to obtain a general insight on what’s waiting for us. I followed week 5 activity and came up with the 7-step process shown above.

My project brief is the GoodLife health club one.

After the 7-step process, we had to start out variations. There were 3 of them: Context, Aesthetics and Accessibility.


This is the first step of the context variation, which is the ideation process. I have used a rather straightforward and simple design because this variation concentrates on group-focused exercises to help Australians suffering from depression.

The content is more important. The journey consists of the user login, then entering how he is feeling from a list of feelings. According to this feeling, he will receive recommended exercises. Then group statistics will be displayed to keep everyone motivated.

Following the previous exercise, we had to create wireframes based on the ideation sketches.

Here are the wireframes (low resolution screen) which i did on Figma.

Then we had to convert 4 of these screens to high resolutions. I chose the screens which had more important content to make into hight resolution.

Here are the high resolution screens, showing the welcome screen first. Then, the next screen asks the user how is he feeling and based on the answer, exercises, especially group-focused ones are recommended. Then, group statistics are shown for motivation.


This is the first step of the AESTHETIC variation, which is the ideation process. I have focused on using graphic images inspired by the photon design language.

The content is also important. Thus I have also focused on the content which is to help combat depression/obesity.

This is the wireframe for aesthetics